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 Dumbledores Army

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Kay S.

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PostSubject: Dumbledores Army   Dumbledores Army EmptySun Jan 27, 2013 5:33 pm

The year is set 2007, everything was going peaceful, no worries for anyone since the fall of Voldemort and his Death Eaters...

It was a time we never thought the wizarding world would see. A major break had happened at Azkaban. All of Voldemorts’ followers had escaped; the world isn't safe for anyone. For the past 6 years, Hogwarts students have seen the unthinkable, the unbelievable, and now, they may see it end. Hogwarts is in lock down, no one leaves and no one enters.

The students and professors are in turmoil. Some want to help subdue the Death Eater threat. Others are seeing the Death Eaters as welcome bringers of chaos. Come journey into the lives and the final years most Hogwarts students may experience, for what lies ahead is unknown.

With Dumbledore dead, talk of a new headmaster had been going about, who it is just yet no one knows. The professors are doing everything to keep the students under control, but they too are becoming distracted by their own desires and motives. No one knows for sure what is happening outside the castle, but a rumor of the demise of acclaimed heroes from the war has got everybody talking...

The Ministry of Magic is unsure of what to do with all the events that have been taken place in the last few months.

Hogwarts has been put on tight watch. Students may only go into Hogsmeade on weekends (unless you know the secret tunnels), and if going into Hogsmeade, students must have permission saying so and will be escorted by an armed Professor. Professors, visitors, etc., are going through security before being able to enter school grounds. This year, will be unlike any other.

Now, what this year has in store for people may be shocking, or may turn out just well. Let’s see if the prophecy is correct shall we?

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Dumbledores Army
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